The department is headed by Mrs. Helina Watoro

Department Resposibilities

This is very key department in the school and is charged with a number of responsibilities which include:

  • Coordinating teaching and learning in the school

  • Programming Continuous Assessment Tests (CATS), end of term examinations and supervising and compiling of marks.

  • In liaison with the principal, the department also organizes career talks for the students and also guides them on career choices.

  • It is also charged with registration of candidates for the KCSE and analysis of the KCSE results in the school.



Over the years, Our school has emerged top three out of thirty eight schools in Gatundu South Sub county. Most of the Students has gained direct entry to the Universities through Government scholarship.
In the last two years, eighty one students have qualified for degree courses and one hundred and nineteen for Diploma courses. We have always produced the best overall Student within the Gatundu Sub-county.


Compulsory Subjects

  • English

  • Kiswahili

  • Mathematics

  • CRE

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

Optional Subjects


  • History & Government

  • Geography

  • Physics

  • H/Science

  • B/Studies

  • Agriculture

  • Computer Studies

The Teachers guide the students on the Choice of Subjects by holding Counseling session

Departments In Academics

Mathematics Dept

Members of Teaching Staff in this department are:

  1. Mr Stephen Kirangi Komu-, HOD

  2. Mr Momanyi

  3. Mr Githinji

  4. Mr Kiveu

  5. M/S Domitila Musau     6 M/s Betty George 

Mathematics is the queen of all Sciences and learners must make themselves fashionable, embrace it and practice it daily at least five times a day.

 The slogan of the department is “MATHEMATICS IS A LEISURE, A TREASRE BEYOND MEASURE”. Members of the department feel that it’s a life style when done passionately.


Languages Dept

The department is headed by Madam Muthui and   is manned by a team of five dedicated members of staff, three in English and two in Kiswahili

Our students try their best to communicate in English from Saturdays to Thursdays every week and Kiswahili on Fridays. This has helped improve the school mean score of the two subjects for quite a number of years. On Fridays, assemblies are addressed in Kiswahili by both teachers and students as a way of promoting the subject.


The department targets to improve scores, so that about half of all the students score grade A and A-. We also hope to get rid of grade C+ and below. Such a vision can only be achieved through a lot of hard work and dedication from both the teachers and the students.

Science Dept

Headed by Mrs Keziah W. Karanja.

Our department offers three subjects in the school curriculum. These include Physics, Chemistry and Biology, where chemistry and Biology is taken by all students in the school from form one to form four while Physics is compulsory in forms one and two, but selected by students in form three as optional subject. However, there is increase in student’s enrollment in the subject as years go by.

The department comprises of six teaching and one technical staff members in charge of the various subjects and the two laboratories With the implementation of “Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education (SMASSE)” project by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) and the ADSI Project in the school it is hoped that there will be a lot of improvement in the performance by students in the Sciences.

Humanities Dept

HOD Mr. Walter Orina

The department offers three subjects namely:

  1. History and Government

  2. Geography

  3. Christian Religious Education( CRE)

History and Government and Geography are elective subjects in F3 and 4 where as CRE is Compulsory to all students in all the classes.

The team behind this includes:

  1. Mrs. Njuguna – CRE

  2. Mrs Meeme – CRE

  3. Mr. Kibicho – History and Geography

  4. Mr Njenga – History and Geography

  5. Mrs Ochieng – CRE
  6.  M/s Lucy Nyoike

The department has greatly integrated ICT in the teaching of the subjects to the learners and has a wealth of Digital Content to enhance the teaching and learning of these subjects.

Technicals and Creative Arts

The department has five Teachers:

  1. Mr Githinji Laban HOD-Business Studies and Maths

  2. Mrs Njuguna – HomeScience

  3. Mr Ochieng – Agriculture

  4. Mrs Kararnja – Agriculture

It consists of four subjects namely: Business Studies, Agriculture,Computer Studies and Home science.

Members of the department impart knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required to improve students’ quality of life. In form one and two, students choose between agriculture, Computer Studies and home Science while still learning BUSINESS STUDIES. It is in Form three that student take only one of these subjects.


Boarding Dept

Boarding department being one of the key areas that has undergone tangible transformation since the school became a boarding school. Due to the increase in population, currently there are six dormitories. Each has been assigned two patrons in charge a mistress and a master who interact with the students during dorm meetings on Tuesdays.

  1. Longonot- Mrs Ndungu HOD Boarding and Mr Macharia

  2. Mama Ngina East – Mr Kirangi and Mrs Helena Njuguna Watoro

  3. Mama NginaWest – Mrs Njuguna and Mr Mutiti

  4. Elgon- Mr Kiveu and Martha Wangui Maina

  5. Kilimanjaro – Mr Laban Githinji

  6. Aberadare – Mrs Karanja and Mr Kibicho

To ensure cleanliness, the dorms are inspected on daily basis and awarded marks which are released every Monday during assembly. There is a trophy for the same and at the end of the term, members of the cleanest dormitory are awarded some token of appreciation for their good work and in motivating others to follow suit. Students with the best made beds are also appreciated.

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